# Modules & Functions

# The Klaes Window Construction Software offers the following modules:

# Project management

  • Quotation, order, production, delivery note, invoice.
  • Entry of window items using simple basic data schemes with accessories, articles (individual and totalled), Text modules, subtotals, discounts, payment terms, etc.
  • Manage window types and articles freely in folders
  • Detailed calculation, price lists and calculation of variants (pricing)
  • Printing on freely adjustable print forms
  • Profit margin, variable and fixed cost shares per item, per item type or for the entire order
  • Overview lists and statistics

# Text generation

  • Pre- and post-texts
  • Correspondence - individual and form letters with text modules

# Business Partner Management

  • Customers, suppliers, representatives, dealers, employees...
  • Management of addresses with all data plus terms of sale, notes, sales, document archives, attributes and Filing

# Construction

  • Simple free construction of window elements
  • Free window shapes
  • Forends, mullions, transoms, inserts, doublings, couplings, additional profiles
  • All muntin types and constructions
  • Construction with finished window types

# Production

  • Transfer to production with batch formation (manual or automatic)
  • Printing of production lists such as cutting lists, timber lists, glass lists, fittings lists, gasket lists, article lists, etc. - freely adjustable. etc. - freely adjustable

# Window types

  • Type management with own folder structure
  • Freely configurable preassignment of types
  • Assignment of fixed items

# Articles

  • Individual articles with simple formula calculation
  • Article with price table
  • Article with sub-articles and working times
  • Purchase price, variable and fixed costs and profit margin
  • Minimum quantity, measurement grid, automatic rounding.

# Account management.

  • Turnover and analysis
  • Agent commissions
  • Payments, open items and reminders
  • Interfaces to accounting

# Capacity planning

  • Planning of production capacities according to production lines and window shapes.
  • Automatic calculation of workload
  • Quick overview and scheduling of what is available and when
  • Scheduling, rescheduling, partially finished, etc. in just a few steps
  • In connection with warehouse management and E-Prod (paperless production) with feedback and collision control

# Warehouse management

  • Material calculation of one or more orders
  • Calculation of delivery time
  • Ordering of free articles / stock articles
  • Order proposal - price requests - order confirmations
  • Goods receipt, delivery note control, complaints
  • Supplier, delivery time and delivery location management
  • Inventory lists (LiFo, FiFo, average price), stocktaking
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