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The demands on modern manufacturing companies are constantly growing. An optimised work flow is the be-all and end-all. Simply send the production order to your machine at the click of a mouse. This way you close the circle and optimise the work flow in your company. With e-control, Klaes ensures more effective machine utilisation with consistently high quality. high quality.

Klaes has been supporting the connection of production machines and systems with e-control for several computer generations. systems. Our development team works very closely with the leading machine manufacturers. Therefore our interfaces for CNC control are always up to date. Whether complicated constructions, extensive large-scale projects with series production or individual small series: With Klaes e-control everything is possible.

Klaes e-control makes a decisive contribution to the optimisation of your production processes. Also in the future: Because Klaes employs a team of highly qualified engineers and software developers who already know today, which high-tech machines will go "online" tomorrow.

Summarised in key points:

  • Perfect and reliable machine control also for oblique, round, inside round-outside square etc.
  • Transfer of part codes in old machines (with part numbers)
  • Transfer of all descriptions for all 6 part pages, flexible and up-to-date
  • Possible machining operations: Profiling, slot and tenon machining, dowel joints, fitting machining, mortise and tenon, ventilator, variable glazing rebate depth, glazing bead separation, multiple end machining, etc.

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