# E-Prod

# Window production under control

# "Electronic production" in window manufacturing companies - goodbye slips of paper and lists!

By e-prod we mean more than paperless production. Every employee receives exactly the information information on his monitor that he needs at the moment. And you yourself have an overview of what's going on in the workshop at all times - from the comfort of your workplace. conveniently from your workplace.

If the real production times are transmitted to your time management system, you can better recalculate your orders - without time-consuming measurement of times. without time-consuming measurement of times. And with a connection to capacity planning, your scheduler also has the customer orders under control. orders under control.

The most important features in brief:

  • Paperless manufacturing
  • Manufacturing information for manual workstations on screen (scanning of the window part, display and registration of the processing, error messages, production instructions on the screen, etc.).
  • Statistics - overview of production progress from the office, also from a laptop or smartphone (databases on a web server)
  • Applications (exemplary): display of sash at wedding, management of delivery station with all accessories per position, assembly of fittings with display of error instructions, etc. position, fitting assembly with display of all parts and drilling instructions, etc.
  • Connection to capacity planning and materials management
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